New release

October 27th 2007

I've just finished a new release. I was a little annoyed by the fact that even the simplest package failed to validate. Even if the Wix code was just like described in the examples, and the install worked fine, it still failed to validate. I started to work on each of the validation "errors", and after a few days they were all gone. In the process I learned that these "errors" are really not errors at all, and that few (if any) install packages from Microsoft validates. Still - the .msi package need to validate. That's the only way to be relatively safe that the install package don't doo to much damage on the target system

I've also added support for options in imported Merge-modules. This means that I finally are able to deploy a project that's using Crystal Reports XI with War Setup. (The CR XI merge-module require my "developer" license-code in order to run on the target systems). In the process I discovered that Wix did not add execute-sequences to register COM components. I used Orca to see what else was missing in the .msi, and added the different commands at about the same sequence numbers as a .msi package generated by Visual Studio. After a few days with try-and-fail , I think I got it right. At least - everything I have thrown at it has installed fine.